Project information

  • Category: New Website, Logo-design
  • Client: Naxco Services Ltd
  • Project date: 4 March, 2022
  • Project URL:
  • Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP
  • Framework: Bootstrap5
  • logo for Naxco Services ltd

Project overview

Naxco Services Ltd are a property maintenance and construction company located and working in Sussex in the South East of the UK. The owner of the company wanted a website that would equally provide information for both their commercial clients and their private homeowner clients

  • We received an overview of the company.
  • Included with this overview, we also got details of the services and skills their skilled tradespeople could provide.
  • The owner wanted a new logo that was simple and text-based that could be replicated in all areas of the business.

Design and Development

During discussions with the owner about the layout of the website. The two options we considered; were a one-page website with sections or a multi-page website with a page for each section. When shown examples of both these types of sites, the owner immediately liked the idea of a one-page option. He thought it looked professional and classic. The final design incorporated a sticky header and menu with a hero section followed by the main sections (About, Services, Testimonials, and Quote/Contact us).

We were provided with copy text for the services section and tasked with providing suitable images. This section with its brief copy text started as an accordion. However, the final design became a card layout set out in a grid with a title and image. When the mouse or pointer hovered over the card, further details were shown.

The inspiration for the logo came from a house roof. Removing the bar of the A in NAXCO, it resembled a house roof. We changed the colour of this letter as a focus point. The owner was delighted with the design as it met his criteria and was easily reproducible for decals, clothing, stationery etc.

A newly refurbished living room
Tradespeople working in a room
A freshly decorated small room
Refurbished stairway in a hotel
a newly fitted toilet
A timber timber